The Caregiver
Self-Awareness Checklist

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What Are Your Needs?

Becoming a primary caregiver is one of the toughest yet most fulfilling roles you can take on. It involves countless hours, sacrifices, and an emotional and physical toll that can be incredibly overwhelming. Yet, having a solid support system and understanding your own needs can help you thrive in this crucial role.


  • Understand Your Emotional Challenges: Caregivers often bear immense emotional weight and make significant sacrifices. This section will help you evaluate your emotional well-being and identify areas that need attention.


  • Evaluate Your Support System: Whether it's family, friends, or professional help, having a robust support system is essential for sustainable caregiving. This part of the checklist will help you assess the strength of your current support network.

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  • Identify Physical Challenges: Physical strain is a common issue for caregivers. This section will help you recognize the physical challenges you face and offer ways to address them.

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Alrita Benish

Ontario, Wisconsin


….”There’s not enough words to describe the amount of help Pam gave to my family and myself through what were very challenging times. Pam’s many years of experience and knowledge dealing with Alzheimer’s patients makes her the perfect match to illustrate just that. I have a happy heart knowing the impact this book and her services can be on so many families that struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease”…..


-Julia Luethe, Ron and Julie's Granddaughter

Norwalk, Wisconsin

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